Bluetooth Based Smart Home using S60 Mobile phones

Bluetooth Based Smart Home using S60 Mobile phones

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This is a site which gives complete details about a mobile application which is  developed in a motive to help for DISABLED AND AGED PEOPLE.
The mobile phones are great boon to the humanity. The application makes it to be more served. "BLUETOOTH BASED SMART HOME" in short "BLUE-HOME" is a fully automated application.

There are many disabled and aged people who always depends on others for their basic necessities. This application gives them a hand.  With this application, a user can himself use the electrical appliances in his room. Without moving anywhere or without seeking anyone's help, the user himself feels a little independent.

With this application a disabled user can

  • Monitor and operate six home appliances.
  • Make themselves secure with the help of motion sensor (With Voice alarm).
  • Give alarm to the guardian at times of emergency.
  • Check indoor and outdoor temperatures (Status updated on mobile for every 1 second) - or use this option as a digital thermometer.
  • Enable/Disable Automatic AC control
  • Enable/Disable Automatic Room light control
  • Monitor three windows/doors.(Status updated on mobile for every 1second with Voice alarm)

At first, this application is installed in the NOKIA S60 mobile phone. When the user wants to control a home appliance, he needs to open the application, and select the particular option. When the option is selected, the corresponding device gets operated via Bluetooth.

To explain the working of this applicatione more clearly, consider the Television as an example. After switching the Television ON, the entire control of the TV comes in our hand through the remote. Similarly, here the entire control of the house comes in the hands through the mobile phone.

It is an embedded application which requires both the hardware and software to work.The hardware is microcontroller based and the software works on any NOKIA s60 mobile phones.The complete details of hardware and software can be got from this site.

We are the second prize winner in Nokia's Calling all Innovators contest.

Check out the official site for more details.